Why Wade?

It’s not just our unique history which sets us apart. We make the highest-quality ceramics for gifts, promotion and industry.

When it comes to manufacturing, we offer a bespoke service with a low cost of entry and a minimum order quantity of just 1,000. But we can also easily scale up, producing over 100,000 units a week.

Whatever the numbers, it’s good to know that these are ceramics made from fully vitrified porcelain – lead-free, food-safe and ISO9001 certified. Wherever possible, raw materials are locally sourced to the factory in which a product line is made and equally, wherever possible, waste materials are carefully recycled. Wade practise sustainable manufacturing.

Plus, if that wasn’t enough, Wade Ceramics is based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. It’s also known as the Potteries – the traditional home of ceramics in England and famed across the world.

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Low cost of entry
Why Wade? icon
Minimum order quantity of 1,000
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Made in Stoke-on-Trent, England
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ISO9001 Certified
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Traditional hand and automated manufacturing
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Fully vitrified porcelain
Why Wade? icon
Can produce 100,000 units per week
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Food safe
Why Wade? icon
Bespoke service
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Lead free prop65
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Raw materials locally sourced
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All waste materials recycled
Some of the brands we work with
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