Wade factory invests in two new fettling machines

21st June 2019

Wade has recently installed two new fettling machines at our Bessemer Drive factory. These are the 12th and 13th machines to be installed, helping us blend traditional and modern techniques for our ceramic manufacture. While we maintain our heritage of hand made methods, using machines such as these greatly increases our capacity and production rate while ensuring the high quality of our products is maintained. This makes any new machinery an excellent investment for Wade.


What is fettling?

After a ceramic product comes out of a mould, a rim of excess material runs along the joining seam. This needs to be sponged or scraped, leaving a product which is smooth all over. Traditionally the process is done by hand using a fettling knife. The introduction of fettling machines gives the same great results in a fraction of the time.


Modernising the traditional

By investing in new technologies, we have created lots of exciting opportunities for young people who are looking to develop their skills and career. Our production involves many processes which put a wide range of skills to use. This builds on our proud heritage by combining innovation and progress with tradition.


Read enough about fettling that now you want to see how we do it? Click here to watch our latest video.

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