The ‘Gluggle Jug’ Jug – a unique corporate gift

25th September 2019

Are you about to celebrate Employee of the Year? Or perhaps you’re entertaining a client from afar? Whatever the occasion, consider giving them a ‘Gluggle Jug’ jug as a unique gift.

At Wade Ceramics we can supply ‘Gluggle Jug’ jugs in a range of styles. Ideal for corporate gifting, you can go further than choosing size or colour – we can also add everything from logos and icons to names and messages. This is your chance to customise your ‘Gluggle Jug’ jug to make it even more desirable to its recipient.

It’s why in 2019 we produced special edition scaleless ‘Gluggle Jug’ jugs for the employees and friends of Wade. These commemorative jugs were made without scales, making them unique for this event.

The scaleless jugs can be printed with a bespoke message, company logo or brand name, we can work together to make a unique corporate gift that is timeless and can be used again and again.

Quirky, handmade by our expert craftsmen in the very heart of Britain’s ceramic industry and quintessentially British, it’s no wonder ‘Gluggle Jug’ jugs are sought after by a variety of businesses.

That’s because these iconic jugs are more than just table novelties – they’ve been delighting audiences all over the world since the late 1800s.

‘Gluggle Jug’ jugs are simply special. Special enough to be deemed worthy of gifting to the Royal Family on a visit to the Britannia Naval College in 1958. Special enough to be given as a truly remarkable present.

That distinctive “gluggling”– the inherent sound when water, wine or whatever it’s filled with is poured from three quarters full – is the cause of countless smiles.

And whether your recipient uses their ‘Gluggle Jug’ jug to pour their drinks, serve up sauces, display flowers, or hold paintbrushes for that matter, it makes the most memorable of corporate gifts.

Contact the Wade team to order your very own bespoke ‘Gluggle Jug’ jug today.

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