Wade Ceramics Creates Bespoke Bottle for Prohibition’s Special Edition

22nd June 2020

Prohibition Liquor Co – the Australian distillers taking the world by storm – have unveiled their latest special edition gin: the 100 Year Anniversary Gin. Bottled in a bespoke Wade Ceramics bottle, the limited-edition batch has been created to celebrate 100 years since alcohol was banned in the US.


The special edition bottle takes the form of the classic Prohibition shape – a rounded square offering more in width than depth for maximum impact, resonating a hip flask look. The classic black colour is matte, the perfect canvas for the gold art-deco inspired decoration – featuring a Martini glass, fedoras and T-bar court shoes, plus the dark underbelly of organised crime, with bullets, brass knuckles and tommy guns – all synonymous with the 1920s, when Prohibition was first introduced.


Wanting to pay homage to the distillery’s namesake, co-founder Adam Carpenter explains that the name was chosen because Australia was experiencing its biggest uptake in gin since Prohibition when they were first planning their brand.


The gin itself blooms with flavours of resinous junipers and late harvest chardonnay grapes, with hints of sage, rose and locally-sourced honey and pear.


Wade and Prohibition have worked closely over the past year, after Prohibition and Wade met to discuss creating a unique, eye-catching bottle to disrupt the busy market.


Introduced to each other through the Department for Industry in South Australia in 2019, following a meeting with the Minister, Prohibition wanted to set their Christmas Special edition apart from the rest of their offering. Ceramic offered the perfect opportunity to create more intricate designs and reflect the premium feel of the limited editions.


The 100 Year Anniversary Gin is available to buy from Prohibition’s website – but you’d better be quick, they’re selling fast!

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