Ceramic Manufacturing: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

6th July 2015

Wade Ceramics Limited takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. The industry is unavoidably a heavy energy user ceramics manufacturing process, therefore we strive to be as efficient as possible.

We utilise the waste heat from the exhaust stacks on the kilns to dry product, to heat the factory and to warm product for certain production areas. This means we don’t need extra space allocated to heating within the factory.

Wade recycles most of its water waste through an effluent treatment plant which removes only the sludge left by tanker from site. The reused water is then used to clean down machinery on a daily basis.

All excess clay is recycled either by Wade through our own system, or by returning it to our supplier to be recycled back to us in a usable state.

Any fired product, biscuit or glazed, which is broken or otherwise rejected is taken by a local tile manufacturer and ground down to dust. This is then mixed with virgin materials and used to manufacture tiles.

Our raw, manufacturing materials are supplied in reusable packaging that when empty is returned to the supplier for re-use. Our finished product is packaged in minimum unprinted, recycled card for protection or, more usually, bulk packed on pallets for ease of handling.

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