Using ceramic as luxury packaging in the spirits and drinks industries

4th May 2015

Ceramic Gifts

Have you ever thought about using ceramic for spirit and beer bottles? I would think a lot of people would answer with no.
BUT… ceramic is such an obvious choice to use as packaging in the drinks industry and many brands, such as Chivas and Diageo, have realised the potential of using ceramic for their products due to many amazing benefits.

Here are a few reasons why ceramic is such a great choice for luxury packaging for spirits or beer:

Ceramic can be glazed rendering it non porous, it has this in common with glass. Once fired, the whole of the decanter, inside and outside, is completely sealed so that no contamination will occur and the spirit is kept just as fresh as it would be in a similar glass bottle.

Ceramic moulds can be designed in nearly any shape or form, meaning bottle shape possibilities are endless. Here at Wade we have created a wide range of different decanter shapes for numerous spirits industries. Some examples include a hula girl, a monkey and a rugby ball. The options for creating pretty much any shape you like is a huge advantage in the packaging, or container, market.

Do you want the option to have a decanter produced as big or as small as you like? With ceramic, we have the capability to create different moulds to produce different sized decanters. At Wade, we have produced decanters from as small as a 50ml Chivas bottle to a giant 40 litre Usquaebach whisky flagon.

Ceramic can be sprayed with a huge variety of coloured glazes. A piece can either be one single colour or can be hand painted with many different colours, designs and patterns. One huge benefit with ceramic is the ability to apply lithographic print. Almost any artwork can be turned into litho print and carefully applied, by skilled hands, to the ceramic bottles. There are some amazing capabilities and some examples of exceptional design that we have been able to implement on pieces of ceramic and on ceramic decanters.

Using all of the above, ceramic gives us the opportunity to design, create and produce exceptional pieces that can promote and showcase your brand. Quality ceramic bottles can be personalised to help promote a product. One area we have found to be extremely popular is producing limited edition versions of a product in a distinct, ceramic decanter. Having a material that defies the norm can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Ceramic can deliver that feel of quality which is important to so many, especially with collectable, limited edition items.

So, next time you need packaging for your spirit or drink product, think ceramic!

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