Advantages of Ceramic

21st August 2014

There are a variety of materials out there to make many different products. From glass to metal, each material has its advantages and disadvantages! But do you know what the benefits of ceramic are?

Ceramic is all around us and not a day goes by that we do not come into contact with it. From healthcare to homeware to industry, ceramic is always being used and it is so important to modern day life!

Here we are going to give you some important advantages of producing with ceramic and of a finished ceramic product:

• The soft clay or liquid slip can be easily moulded to become many useful things. The opportunities are endless!
• There are a huge variety of options in terms of colours and finishes available.
• Once glazed, ceramic products do not stain and their colours don’t fade.
• Ceramic has an increased resistance to shocks and scratches meaning your products will last longer in better condition.
• Ceramic products are easy to clean and common household chemicals can cause no harm.
Ceramic products are solid and durable.
• Ceramic is more chemically resistant, so doesn’t rust like steel!
• Ceramic is very lightweight, durable and smooth to the touch.
• Ceramic products are made to be treasured and are often kept as collectible items.
• Ceramic is environmentally compatible, it is made of natural materials and so can be disposed of harmlessly!

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