Wade Supports Ceramic Skills Academy (CSA)

1st November 2013

Wade is proud to be part of the Ceramic Skills Academy in Stoke-on-Trent, an educational and training resource for those working in and aspiring to work in the ceramics industry. CSA is owned and led by prominent ceramics businesses, with Managing Director Paul Farmer on the board of industry experts, actively offering specialist ‘insider’ knowledge and ceramics support to interested parties. Being a stakeholder of the virtual academy involves the supporting of present and future ceramic entrepreneurs, investing in workforce skills to grow and sustain this world class industry.

Most recently, in April 2014, Paul Farmer attended the Staffordshire Manufacturing 2020 Ceramics Networking Event at Britannia Football Stadium, giving an inspirational presentation on production modernisation and providing evidence of innovation, excellence, design, and service at Wade Ceramics.

For more information and to find out the latest CSA news and events, visit www.ceramicskillsacademy.co.uk

Some of the brands we work with
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