Sponsoring The Engineers Of The Future

27th November 2013

Wade Ceramics are proud sponsors of the KMF Young Engineer of the Year (YEOTY) project in Newcastle-Under-Lyme, providing ongoing support and sharing their engineering knowledge with others taking part. The project is intended to attract young people to a career in engineering and apprenticeship schemes. Wade is supporting students from the Ormiston Horizon Academy in Stoke-On-Trent, who have chosen the team name ‘Speed League’.

The project provides students with the opportunity to build a Green Power Formula 24 Kit Car, designed to their own ideas. The teams of students will then compete in their uniquely designed kit cars on Race Day in July with all the other schools that are taking part. Protective overalls have been provided by Wade for the students to wear during activity days.

The first milestone of the project, Build Day, took place on Wednesday 27th November 2013 at KMF, when teams of students from 18 different schools attended, along with their sponsors from various companies. It was an enjoyable, successful day for all, with students managing to build the initial body design of the kit car thanks to the help given by Wade’s knowledgeable engineers. On the 10th February, Wade hosted students on site to manufacture the body work of the car, and will continue making improvements leading up to Race Day.

On the 7th May all the hard work paid off as the car was finished ready for the first official test day at Rockingham Speedway. It successfully passed scruitineering without any problems and was ready to race! 11 students participated in the event and had a very enjoyable time. The car had a few minor teething issues as expected, but was competitive with other cars in the same class. The car returned to Wade the day after the event where a revised gear ratio was fitted to improve its top speed. It has now been returned to the school so the students can practice driving the car, pit changes and make any modifications required.

Race Day is set to take place on Wednesday July 9th and we would like to invite as many people as possible to the event at the Darley Moor Circuit, Derbyshire. The event will be a family day out with lots of entertainment (and possibly a celebrity or two) as well as multiple exciting races throughout the day. We hope to see you there cheering the team on!

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