Ceramics packaging in the drinks industry

29th January 2016

Using ceramic packaging for spirits and beer bottles isn’t seen that often.

However, it is deemed an obvious choice in the drinks industry and has been found to possess incredible benefits.

Wade Ceramics are sharing a few reasons why ceramic is such a smart choice:


A glaze can be applied to ceramic thus making it non-porous, sharing this quality with glass. Following the firing of interior and exterior of the whole decanter, it is now sealed and won’t allow for contamination meaning your tipple is as fresh as it would be in another glass bottle.


As there are endless mould design possibilities, ceramic bottle shapes can be made in nearly any shape or form. Our previous work with a variety of spirits industries has produced a vast range of decanter shapes. Having that advantage of a design choice can set a brand apart from similar marketed brands.


You needn’t be limited with the overall design when it comes to your ceramic decanter. Ceramic can be sprayed with a huge variety of coloured glazes, or certain parts sprayed and others hand painted. The possibilities are endless!

Some of the brands we work with
Nelsons Gin logo
Thorntons logo
Tetley logo
Tullamore Drew logo
Natwest logo
Harrods logo
Glenfiddich logo
Famous Grouse logo
Coronation Street logo
Colmans logo
Cadbury logo
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