Pestle and Mortar

The Iconic Kitchen Utensils

For the perfect chef

The name, Milton Brook, part of Wade, has been synonymous with the indispensable Mortar & Pestle since the 19th century. With its characteristic unglazed finish and beech handle pestle, it is excellent for the crushing and grinding of herbs and spices in the traditional manner.

As part of the Milton Brook Kitchen Collection, we manufacture a range of pie funnels, dishes, bakeware and bowls continuing a rich tradition of high-quality pottery. Each piece, produced using the finest porcelain and expert craftsmanship, is designed specifically to enhance the flavour and presentation of your cooking.

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Multi-Functional Uses

Used by professional chefs, the mortar and pestle is essential to help enhance the taste and aroma of food. They are also used in the pharmaceutical industry to grind together pills and medicines.

Tools for the Kitchen

The Kitchen Collection has been thoughtfully designed and manufactured to offer a choice of size and shape to meet all your culinary requirements.

Benefits of Ceramic

Ceramic is a superb heat conductor which does not release toxins or bacteria into food, making it the best option for your kitchen.

Case Studies

American Masala Mortar And Pestle

Suvir Saran, a one Michelin star Indian chef based in the USA, designed and commissioned Wade to produce a unique 'American Masala' mortar and pestle. The pestle, made entirely of ceramic, is beautifully decorated with a rich print and the mortar can be glazed in either a saffron or cardamom colour.

American Masala Mortar And Pestle

Celebrity Chef, Rick Stein, Seeks Milton Brook

Professional chef, Rick Stein, is just one example of the many cooks who admire the functionality of Milton Brook mortar and pestles, having previously purchased sets from Wade for use in his Seafood School, shops and restaurants.

Celebrity Chef, Rick Stein, Seeks Milton Brook


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