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The Irresistible Water Jug

The perfect centerpiece

Since its inception in the 1870s, the Gluggle Jug has had a remarkable history and continues to increase in popularity. Quirky and traditional, each jug produces a merry gluggling sound when liquid is poured at three quarters full. There is the option to have them personalised for celebrations, weddings, gifts, or businesses.

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The Gluggling Conversation Starter

Gluggle Jugs are unique in design, and the humorous gluggling sounds produced when in use, are sure to prompt entertaining talking points around the table.

Distinctive Decoration And Styles

These ceramic jugs are available in three different sizes, in a vibrant range of colours, and for the patriotic there's a collection of jugs hand decorated with national flags.

The Versatility of Gluggle

This amazing water jug can also be used as a wine carafe, flower vase, utensil jug, or simply as a decoration to complement your interior.

Case Studies

Gluggle Earth's National Flags

Wade has brought Gluggle up to date for the 21st century, designing a collection of jugs hand decorated with various national flags. The countries represented include the UK, Ireland, USA, Italy, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

Gluggle Earth's National Flags

Gluggle Jugs Promote Plymouth Gin

For many years Gluggle jugs were used as advertising items by breweries, notably made to advertise Plymouth Gin for Pernod Ricard.

Gluggle Jugs Promote Plymouth Gin

Original Hand Painted Jugs

As well as single coloured glazes, there is also a small selection of original hand decorated Gluggle Jugs; a zingy green jug combining lime and dark tones, and one with a striking medley of blues to bring a cool refreshing look to your interior.

Original Hand Painted Jugs


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