Ceramic dinner sets

Diverse & Colourful

Assisting Those Living With Physical And Mental Impairments

The Dignity range of tableware provides aid to individuals in our society living with physical and/or mental impairments. Each piece is made from Vitrified Earthenware with added Alumina for extra strength so they are less likely to break if dropped. The ease of use of the products helps with eating and drinking, helping with the maintenance of nutrition and hydration.

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Practical Shapes and Designs

The cups and teapots have handles big enough for two fingers to slip through easily. The rims on the plates and bowls are raised for additional support, making it easier to scoop food.

Cheerful Colours

The Dignity range comes in bold bright colours - yellow, green and white - making it easier to see the food or drink substance because of the given contrast.

A Complete Range

As well as including specially designed items, the range also offers regular shaped crockery to enable continuity and co-ordination for the non-sufferers.

Case Studies

Professional Perspective

June Andrews, Director at Stirling University Dementia Services Development Centre, says:-“Eating and drinking is very important in Dementia. For all of us, the whole experience is crucial; not just the right food at the right temperature at the right time, but we are affected by the ambience of the room, and the company we are with. Not least the table settings are crucial. Having attractive crockery and cutlery can make a big difference to our appetite and how we enjoy our food. People with Dementia sometimes have special requirements. They need coloured plates that allow them to see what they are eating, and the plates need to be easy to use with rims to help scooping and lifting of food. If it is not a picnic, there should be no plastic.”

Professional Perspective


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